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A Request

Help us find Rabbis or Cantors who want to visit us in Mozambique

We Need Your Help


Do you know a Rabbi or Cantor looking for the experience of a lifetime...

Honen Dalim is a small but vibrant community.  Approximately 1/3 of the congregation are permanent residents of Mozambique.  The rest are short term expats – members of the diplomatic community or employees of multinational businesses or organizations. Our services are lay led, though we have only a few members who are capable of leading prayers, and there are periods when travel schedules leave us without anyone to lead Shabbat services.

We would welcome an ordained rabbi or cantor to spend a few weeks to a few months in our community.  We cannot guarantee a minyan regularly, but we can provide a welcoming environment unlike any other. Depending on qualifications and duration of commitment, we may be able to support airfare or provide a modest stipend.  In exchange we would expect you to lead Shabbat and holiday services, as well as organizing events such as Hebrew lessons or Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation for children, discussions of Talmud for adults, and other similar cultural or religious enrichment activities. Fluency in both Portuguese and English is ideal, but not necessary – someone within our community can translate between the two during events.

Serving our community would likely not require a full work week.  In your free time, Maputo offers an amazing mix of African and Portuguese culture, with food and arts venues scattered across the city’s long coastline.  Within a two hour drive are world-class beaches, environmental reserves, eSwatini (Swaziland), and South Africa, including Kruger Park, world famous for its safaris.

Honen Dalim is the only Jewish community and the only synagogue in Mozambique.  We very much need support to sustain our religious identity and help us continue to grow.  If you are interested, please send an email with your CV to  If you are not able to provide spiritual leadership yourself, please consider donating to help fund the travel of rabbis to Maputo.